What happened at Ekimogun celebration 2019

The Ekimogun festival is a yearly event celebrated by the Ondo state people of Western Nigeria. Ondo State was created on February 3, 1976, from the former Western State. The state has 18 local government areas with Akure as it’s capital.

Ondo state includes a mangrove-swamp forest near the Bight of Benin and tropical rain forest in the center part; wooded savanna on the gentle slopes of the Yoruba Hills in the north. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, and the primary products are tobacco and cotton from the north, rubber, and timber from the south and East, cocoa from the central part. Also, throughout the state palm oil and kernels are cultivated for export. Ondo is Nigeria’s chief cocoa-producing state.

The Ekimogun festival is a unifying celebration for the sons and daughters of the Ondo state, both at home and in the diaspora to showcase the rich culture, and tradition of the people of Ondo Kingdom, as well as a rallying point, to generate funds for community projects. Ondo Sons and daughters celebrate the Ekimogun festival yearly irrespective of their location.

The Ekimogun festival 2019 was celebrated at Kof Sports cafe 4869 Glenn Dale Road, Bowie MD 20720 on Dec 7, 2019. The festival featured singing, dancing, playing of drums and showing off elaborate costumes by people with roots and passion for the Ondo culture.

Ekimogun celebration was promoted by Omobalogun entertainment.

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