KOF Sports Cafe

African Food in Bowie Maryland

Enjoy freshly-made authentic African food, the rich flavor and great taste of our perfectly cooked delicacies that will satisfy your Nigerian food craving; that’s the secret of Kof Sports Cafe.


Marinated goat/chicken, chopped into bite-sized pieces, and perfectly garnished with the right amounts of onions, and scotch bonnet pepper.

Whole Fish and Plantain
A divine combination of deeply fried plantain and mouth watering grilled fish, garnished with balanced quantities of African spice


Suya (Skewered Meat)
Beef is skewered on a stick and marinated with just enough sauce, grilled to perfection and served with suya spice.


African Food - Asun
Asun that went to Havard.
African food - Tilapia  plantain.
Eja to talenu
This is a sample picture of Suya
Hot and Spicy Suya!!!


The best of African events hold right here, Afrobeats, Juju Music, Live band, all of it. The tapping of the feet and body swings to the drum beats. We would have you participating in a memorable life experience. Seat-in with friends at the bar and have our delicious Nigerian cuisine.

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Our professionally cooked and well-seasoned African food will spice things up at all your gatherings, why stress yourself cooking when we have various Nigerian delicacies in tray, half tray, quarter tray and cooler sizes for order at just a few clicks.