The Customers Who Promote KOF Sports Cafe

KOF Sports cafe has thrived on support by customers who promote the cafe by sharing photos and videos of moments captured. They also drop reviews and recommendations on various media platforms. Some of these platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.


Some of our great in house promoters are

Sumbo Akinti

Sumbo Akinti is the CEO of Omo Balogun Entertainment, USA – Washington. a company that promote various shows. He is a native of Ondo city, Nigeria. Sumbo Akinti is a great lover of the Ondo and Yoruba culture and is very expressive about that. Connect with him on Twitter, and on Facebook, he also engages with a wide audience on Youtube sharing favorite videos of Omo Balogun Entertainment.

Bola Nightingale Akinsehinwa

Bola Nightingale Akinsehinwa is a native of Ondo City. He is an active presence on Facebook and can be reached at Bola Nightingale 

Busola Oke

Queen Busola Oke is a singer and songwriter. She specializes in Gospel and Contemporary Classic Love Songs cum Inspirational Dance Beats. Connect with Busola Oke on Facebook.


DJ X-ONE is the official DJ for the “Lagos Night Life” party at Kof Sports Cafe for the popular. The party is a Friday ritual at Kof and is widely attended by lovers of Lagos in Maryland. DJ X-ONE is actively on Facebook.

Olawoyin Akintelure

Olawoyin Akintelure is a native of Ondo city and currently resides at College Park, Maryland. He is a great lover of the Yoruba culture, He can be reached on Facebook at Olawoyin Akintelure

The righteous symphony

The righteous symphony is a gospel music band great waves in Maryland and environs. The team of seven have been at Kof Sports Cafe for great moments of heartfelt musical entertainment. Connect on Facebook at The righteous symphony 

Sammek Ekundayo Moments

Sammek Moments also referred to as Mr. Culture lives in Laurel Maryland. He is the CEO Sammek Entertainments. He can be contacted on Facebook at Sammek Moments

Ekokashogi Ekokashogi

Ekokashogi is lovable, a lover of adventures and culture. Connect with him on Facebook at Ekokashogi

Seyi Omole

Seyi Omole lives in London, United Kingdom but knows a good spot when he visits one. Connect with Seyi Omole on Facebook

Prince Busayo Odutayo

Prince Busayo Odutayo, also known as BussyCrown is a musician and manages Bussy Crown Music, a communication company in Houston Texas. He is active on Facebook at Prince Busayo

Dotun Ajayi

Dotun Ajayi lives in Baltimore USA and had a memorable moment at KOF Sports cafe. Connect with her on Facebook at Dotun Ajayi 

Mayokun Okikiola Fawehinmi

Mayokun Okikiola Fawehinmi is a native of Ondo City. He greatly promotes KOF Sports cafe, connect with him on Facebook

Nichelle Dyson Andu

Nichelle Dyson Andu lives in Maryland. Connect with her at Nichelle Dyson Andu

Samuel Eboweme

Samuel Eboweme a great promoter of KOF sports cafe can be connected Samuel Eboweme

Bolu Akinkuowo

Bolu Akinkuowo is a native of Ondo city and lives in Washington DC. He has shown and still supports KOF Sports cafe by sharing his moments on social media promoting the cafe. Connect with him on Facebook at Bolu Akinkuowo

Andy Oyovwire

Andy Oyovwire Promotes KOF Sports Cafe by telling his people about its existence. Connect with him on Facebook at Andy Oyovwire

Luvinhim Thompson

Connect with Luvinhim Thompson

EZ Lyfe

Connect with Ez Lyfe

Omo Balogun entertainment

Connect with Omo Balogun 


Olorijeje is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SHOPJEJE Brand. Connect with Olorijeje 


Unbeatable dj xone is an international Dj and the official DJ of the Lagos Night Life party at KOF Sports cafe.he protes himself by plating at various KOF events and this in retrospect promotes the cafe. Connect with Unbeatabledjxone 

Alycia Cooper

Alycia Cooper is a comedian, actor, and director. Connect with her at Alyciacooper2 

Michael Akingbade

Michael Akingbade is a native of Ogbomoso, Nigeria. He lives in Bronx, New York. Connect with Michael Akingbade  and his active expression of love for the Yoruba culture on Youtube 

Cutty Television Network LLC

Connect with Cutty Television on Youtube to watch favorite videos of past events at KOF Sports cafe.

OVS Production

OVS Production featured a video of Femi Ara’s album launch, a great KOF moment on Youtube channel

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