Pandemic Solidarity Response Package.

It is no longer news that the novel Coronavirus pandemic had caused a lot of havoc in the United States and the world at large as more cases are discovered daily and the Authority implores residents to observe preventive measures such as maintaining social distance, lock-down in all states, amidst other precautions. It is therefore eminent for everyone to adhere to the preventive measures in an attempt to mitigate the spread of harmful germs.

pandemic response

As the pandemic becomes grimmer and none can predict when the current public health crisis will ease, or what the economic effect will be in months and years to come. KOF Sports Cafe enacts several more drastic measures to combat the pandemic alongside delivering the African experience in the diaspora as promised, as we are always committed to taking care of our customers, which presently means safeguarding the health of families while providing delicious meals, containing the balanced nutrients required to boost immunity at a flexible rate and through the safest means. We announce the special lock-down offer where customers can order;
  1. Half tray of jollof or fried rice, quarter tray of fish, chicken or assorted meat and quarter tray of efo riro or egusi with just $100;
  2. Full tray of jollof or fried rice or half tray of each, half tray of fish or chicken or assorted meat. Customers may make up to two choices of protein, each to be delivered in quarter tray, half tray of efo riro or egusi. If a choice of both soup is made, each will be delivered in quarter tray with just $200.

The offer can be ordered on the catering menu and can be picked up at the shop or ordered and delivered through various delivery services such as Grubhub, Postmates, Ubereats and more with options that allow customers dictate where orders can be dropped off to avoid physical contact as it is an important precaution in this pandemic.

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