KOF Bringing Amazing Events In Your Sphere.

KOF considers Events the Life of tradition. It is one of the few gatherings people who share common cultural interests can come together and share educating conversations. Yoruba Tribe makes a good use of this occassion as they hold parties which is a type of event at any point they have the priviledge and resources to.

A lot of Successful events have been held at KOFS over time due to the relentlessness of The Promoters, Artists, Customers and everyone who played an important role in ensuring that the events held nothing less than fun at its maximum for all attendees.

Events like Dancing with the stars, One Year Anniversary of Kofs Establishnent, Faaji Night, Thanksgiving and Turkey, DMV Drummer Association USA End of Year Party, Jokes on Me, Valentines Day (Ale Ololufe), Indo Baba Live-In Concert. These events move from Birthday Parties to Concerts, Cultural Celebrations like the Ekimogun Celebration.

Ekimogun Celebratory Event was held in the Spirit of Celebrating the Ondo Culture by Indigens in Maryland, it revolved around singing, dancing and showing off traditional costumes by people with love for the beauty and richness of the culture.

The musical performnance was sponsored by Omobalogun entertainment with Artist Yeye Seun Adesemoye performing and Abiodun Excellence as the Master of Ceremony.

Ekimogun Day Celebration.

The Thanksgiving and Turkey Event which was held in November was a gathering of grateful souls in celebration of life and success attained over the year. Solek the wonder boy was in charge of performances.

thanksgiving and turkey night
Thanksgiving and Turkey Night

Dancing with the Stars was more of a meet and greet with famous Nigerian Celebrities in the Movie Industry, The likes of Regina Chukwu, Wale Adebayo and many more celebtities that have graced our screens over time.

Official Graphics For Dancing With The Stars

Abiodun Folohunsho popularly known as Folly Peperempe had his 70th birthday celebration alongside his friends and wellwishers at Kof. He danced and They Dinned with the KOF menu and musical performances.

KOF celebrating with Foli Peperempe.

Fathers day galore celebration. June 17th. KOF Sports bar celebrated our fathers in grand style in 2019.

At Kof Sports cafe 4869 Glenn Dale Road, Bowie MD 20720 there’s entertainment for every African lover. The delicious freshly-made cuisine, the afrobeat, all make the Kof experience a memorable one.

These and more events have been held at KOF over time and the possiblity to do more, with more people and on a bigger scale, but till the opportunity presents itself KOF is dedicated to entertaining you with Events and partnering to Host Events.

Dancing With The Stars; The Beautiful Invasion.

Stars traveled from the sky to dine at KOF one fine day and brightened up the atmosphere as their presence brought fun, glee and dances at its peak. The people who were around to witness the presence of the Stars left in awe and were convinced again that KOF offers nothing less than the best.

KOFs Sports Cafe beings entertainment and networking to everyone that walks into the atmosphere, they also have dealings with no one but the best of the best to ensure that the quality of services provided to Customers is forever Topnotch.

Entertainers from all spheres walk into the Cafe to fill their stomach after a long day, hold their events whenever they have Cravings with needs to satisfy. People from the Movie making industry i.e Nollywood that have had Satisfactory meals at KOFs during their visit which has made them into lovers of the African food cuisine the restaurant has to offer include:

dancing with the starts
Official graphic for the Dancing with the stars event

Wale Adebayo the legendary Sango Artist who since debute as the god of thunder on our screens has been a revered household name. this might have affected his career to an extent because it would be impossible to see him any other movie and not view and regard him as a god. He attended  Satellite Secondary School, Satellite Town, Lagos. He currently resides in the United States but has not featured in any major movie for a while, he is working on getting better at his craft. He attended Dancing with the stars event held at KOF.

Toyin Adewale is a talented, beautiful prominent Nigerian Actress that has graced our screens in different movies over time. She is currently in her early Fifties. She is the mother of the Nigerian Celebrity Singer Mayorkun who is signed to Davido’s 30BG. She was the special guest at the Dancing with the Stars event where she shone with her humility and jovial attitude. Her movies portfolio includes ; Afesona, Ejika, Femi Oko Mummy among others.

Dancing with the Stars Special Guest; Toyin Adewale

Regina Chukwu a talented actress and producer from Enugu. She attended Alimosho Grammar school in Lagos for her secondary education and studied Business Administration at the Lagos State Polytechnic. She started out as a makeup artist before getting roles in sitcoms like Super story, Face to Face, Family Ties and moving big into the movie scene with movies like Ebubu, Ile Afoju and many more in her vast portfolio. She lost her husband about 13 years ago and has been taking care of their Two children by herself. She attended Dancing with the Stars Event.

Dancing with the Stars Guest: Regina Chukwu

The Beautiful, Reserved , Talented Award winning Actress Doris Simeon has graced our screen in different prodictions including Eti Keta, Oloju Ede, Alakada, Ten Million Naira, Abani Kedun, Iseju Marun, Omo Iya Kan, Ghetto Dreams, Silence, Gucci Girls, Alakada, Omo Pupa, Asiri and Modupe Temi over the years.

She was born in Ojota, Lagos. She has a degree in Production management which she acquired from PEFTI institute where she furthered her education. she has a son named Daniel whom she had with her Ex-Husband a Director whom she met on set. Her parents died within a year interval to each other. She was at the Dancing with the Stars event.

She is one of the most influential Nollywood Actresses as her networth is over half a million dollars. She resides in US after relocating from Nigeria in 2019.Her instagram page is filled with pictures of her, her crochet designs and she uses the platform to connect to her fans.

Dancing with the stars guest
Doris Simeon.

Dj: No 1 Source Of Good and Sensational Playlist.

Disk jockeys otherwise referred to as Djs are the life of every party. the perform celebratory shout outs to beats carefully selected from their boards. it is said that a party is never a party without the DJ, the DJ is the singular force in charge of the dancing music who has a vast knowledge of which song to play at what time and matches the energy of you Event Host/ Master of Ceremony to deliver nothing less than a fun filled event to you and your party attendees.

KOFs has held celebratory events over time to appreciate our customers for their patronage or to simply lift the mood of the people who have come to fill their belles. the goal of this is to ensure the atmosphere is filled with a celebratory spirit which boosts oneness and networking among people. most importantly Love as there can be nothing less than genuine appreciation in a room filled with good food, fun and good people who are your people.

Notable Djs like DJ X-one have blessed the ears and feet of customers by playing on different occasions.

He is a self proclaimed Gamer who holds the Black lives matter movement dear to his heart as a Black man who lives in the US. he is the official DJ for the Lagos Night in Bowie experience held every Friday at KOFs, it is a ritual unwinding and getting together moment for lovers of the Night time and Lagos flenjor who are in Maryland.

He is also the official dj for the exciting Dancing with the Stars event, Which was a Nollywood invasion event attended by the likes of Regina Chuckwu, Lola Faduri, Temitope Solaja and Toyin Adewale (Nigerian Artist Mayorkun Mother) and Wale Adebayo as Special Guests.

He also played at the One year Anniversary of the Opening of Kofs. His facebook page is filled with images of his events and videos of his performances.

dj x-one
Dj x-one KOF one year anniversary

His instagram is more of an extensive portfolio of his beautiful performances at various important moments of peoples lives, especially weddings. His wide range, excellence at what he does has open so many doors for him and kept tem open. he has oconnections with Celebrities in Nigeria and Overseas. He is available for bookings and willing to travel to any destination so long his fees are paid and his price range is very affordable.

Dj Shoboy is another talented Wizard at the turntable. he has dazzled the customers at KOF time and time again with his spinning ability. He has played at events like Premium Liquor and many more.

dj shoboy

Event Recipe: Taste Funny Jokes.

Events have taken a new turn in this century but some local event types stay forever relevant and green, especially ones like Stand up comedy. Stand up comedy is a personal monologue type of joke telling which comedians have adapted to in order to perform to their supporters on a personal note. The comedian goes on stage and tells a series of scripted and rehearsed jokes to his target audience in order to make them laugh.

The humor type in Stand up comedy varies but there is no restriction to where it can be performed, from Restaurants, Bars, corporate event, Parties it is versatile like African cuisine. Humor ranges from  observational comedyblue comedydark comedyclean comedy, and cringe comedyAlternative stand-up comedy Comedians improvise while performing by either engaging the crowd or doing silly things to regain the interest/ attention of the audience members if by chance they had lost it by telling jokes the audience did not consider too funny.

The use of props as in Magic shows to pass the joke across is not prohibited however most comedians hardly use it. Comedians that dabble into this type of comedy are referred to as Stand-up Comedians, this is because they stand at the microphone the whole period their event is on.

Laughter is good for the soul, it gives as much to the soul as food gives to the body which is why a meal is not complete without a heartfelt laughing spree. KOFS understands and recorgnizes this important fact this is why they organize comic shows for the pleasure of the Customers.

Stand up Comic Shows like the Halloween themed “Jokes on me” which was headlined by Cee Y, a Lagos State University Thespian Alumni who started his Career in Comedy while in School. His full name is Kingsley Oba Ngus, his brand is a sophisticated one as he pull off funny sayings effortlessly and without the use of offensive or vulgar language. His comic theme revolves around school experiences and various Ethnic groups.

His life story is a typical grass to grace one as he initially found it difficult to make waves as a comedia, his interest was initially treated as a joke and money was not making it way into his pocket due to the Nigerian love for free performance for publicity. he was said to have taken on some minor movie roles too but that did not really change the story. He is a hardworking, reserved and focused man. Role model wise he has chosen the likes of Annoitned Mallam, Steve Harvey ,Ali Baba.

The show was filled with happy faces, filled stomach has he left the event elated and anticipating his next show which is scheduled for boxing day, alongside Mamaafricaana otherwise known as ANNA MWALAGHO. The music was handled by the awesome Dj X-one who did not disappoint with his creativity and music selection.

The success of this event motivated him to bring a second part of the event to KOF along side Musical Genius Issac Gerald in Febuary, contrary to the first thought that it would be a one time performance it has slowly steeped its way into being an event that holds every Last Thursday of the Month.

He is available for collaborations and bookings on his Facebook page which is filled with different and refreshing skits. His Instagram Profile contains pictures of his shows, pictures and videos which shown how much he has grown and his spirit of gratitude to God.

Here is an extract of the rib cracking performance . Tickets to his show and other comic events held at KOF can be purchased on Eventbrite page.

Jokes on Me Event ; Top Comedian Cee y performing to the audience

The Home of Delicious African Meals.

African cuisine is filled with a wide variety of distinct, beautiful, stomach and taste buds pleasing meals. KOFs prides herself in the ability to provide satisfactory meals to the people who order, walk into our restaurant for meals.

Our customized menu conveys all the range of meals available in the African foods cart, from the delicious treats like Asun that can be eaten as appetizers or whole meals while resting or partying to legendary meals like pounded yam, jollof rice, Amala that have been tested over time and have proven to our buds that they are undisputed Kings of all events and our stomach at anytime.

Asun is a delicacy made from mixing finger sized boiled goat meat in fried stew then allowed to steam for a while on low heat. it is very tasty and satisfying to make, eat. this delicacy has made its appearance at several functions, its versatility has made it blend in and created reasons to use it at any occasion without having to worry about it. it is also quite cost friendly to make.

Suya, while this meal falls into the same family as Asun. it has been said that Nighttime is an important ingredient for Suya, it is sold in African Countries at night mostly by Hausa/Fulani people in Nigeria. it is a rare sight to see anyone else selling it. It is bite sized beef cuts marinated and cooked in naked fire. it is eaten with cabbage and onions but goes well with any meal meat goes on. Its is the moist version of Kilishi.

This is a sample picture of Suya
Hot and Spicy Suya!!!

Fish Pepper soup is one of the fastest soups to make. it is light, Nutritious and tasty, it is good for relaxation but can be taken when one is sick and lacks appetite. it is a three step meal made with any fish of your choice and ingredients, you can eat it with rice,eba or any meal of your choice. it is commonly made with catfish but due to varying taste, people have experimented with different fish types and vegetables.

Jollof rice is a world renounced celebrity dish. it is the one meal that bonds Africans better than love. It is an easy to make meal of tomatoes, spices and of course Rice, while the name varies from one country to another the ingredients and taste is forever the same. African food would never be complete without the addition of this Worldwide dish in it. it is the official party dish that can be taken at any time, anywhere. An African is supposedly not African enough until he/she has eaten jollof rice.

Jollof Rice
Tasty, Stomach filling Jollof Rice meal

Pounded yam is another blessing in the guise of a meal in the African culture. it is yam dish made by pounding boiled yam into submission using Mortar and Pestle. it is mostly eaten with Egusi soup. it is the Chairman of African meals. it is heavy enough to fill the stomach but light enough to ensure one can go on with their normal day without feeling lazy. it is mostly eaten at parties, during special occasions as it is a celebratory meal.

Amala is a yam meal made from peeled, dried and grounded yam referred to as Elubo. There are two different colors of Elubo, white and black. they are both used to make Amala but the black Amala otherwise known as Amala Dudu is the commonly eaten one. There are three types of flour material for Amala; plantain, cassava and yam, the Yam one is the commonly eaten one. it is commonly eaten with soups like Ewedu, Efo, Gbegiri. in places like Ibadan which is supposedly the home of Amala, it is eaten with gbegiri and ewedu.

Meals package
Meal: Rice Family package available at Kofs

Eba is a solid meal made from Cassava flour. it can be eaten in its original form as Garri or made into Eba by mixing it with hot water and stirring. This delicacy is from Nigeria. There are two type/colors of garri, there is the white one and the yellow one gotten from mixing the flour with palm wine while processing it. It is mostly eaten with Efo but it pairs well with any soup. it is said that some people also prefer eating it Cold, a day after making it.

Egusi is a tasty versatile soup made with grounded Egusi seeds, pepper, seasonings and vegetables. Bitter leaf is the vegetable mixed in it most times, it pairs well and brings out the taste of the egusi. it is mostly eaten with Pounded yam, eba, rice among other things but can also stand on its own as a type of food under African Meals.

Efo Riro can be translated as “mixed greens”. The dish is related to Afang soup of Efik origin. Efo Riro is prepared with tatashi, spinach, and local condiments. Also, there is a blend of smoked fish or meat stock. The soup can provide you a number of health benefits. Efo Riro is rich in vitamins, so you definitely should try this soup.

Ayamase is the official designer African stew. it is made with green peppers and onion. the beauty to this stew is the presence of different nutrient sources in it, it is mostly made with dried beef, pomo, fried fish, boiled egg, locus bean all fused together in order to make a rich stew. it is specifically made for Ofada rice but pairs well with any form of rice or meals one wants to eat it with. it can also be eaten alone.

Grilled Fish is a meal made from Grilling marinated Tilapia fish. it is an easy to make delicacy that is mostly paired with lettuce and tomatoes but can be paired with any food one desires as it is just succulent and spicy fish.

These meals and more are available for consumption in Topnotch quality at affordable rates at Our Restaurant. We offer delivery services for anyone who might not be able to make it to our restaurant to enjoy this delicacy. You can purchase delicious African Meals of your choice for personal consumption and events held from our platform.

Exciting African Music Sensation At Kofs Celebrations.

Music Promoters have earned the job of creating awareness for events, artists within their reach. They are sometimes responsible for putting Artists up for performances which are targeted at helping their career grow, every successful Artist owes a chunck of their growth and success to the selflessness of the promoter in their circle.

They are responsible for bookings, conforming venues for events, shows, Radio interviews. He negotiates fees to ensure it more than enough for hotel, transport, feeding, team members ( drummers, band members and the likes) in order to avoid every form of inconvenience.

The Difference Between A Concert Promoter And An Event Organizer | The  Kosher Metal Blog
Live Music Picture.

The backstage people who are the backbone for every event in any organization including the smooth running is a promoter, they are not really appreciated or recognized because they stay away from the spotlight. KOFs however recognizes them, celebrates and seals friendship by having fun business dealings with them.

Sammek Entertainment is a music production Studio with .Events graphics and publicity is always posted on their Instagram page. Their facebook page is being used for bookings, behind the scenes of their music productions and Shout outs/ appreciation posts for their customers and business partners. the studio is located at Laurel, Maryland.

They have brought different Music performers to Kofs over time to create a jolly atmosphere for customers. Performers like Queen Bisola who specializes in Classical, traditional,love music. Some of her songs are Alabarin, Eleyele which are up for streaming on Youtube. She had a 7pm till 12am power packed event on the 12th of October 2018. Her facebook page is filled with prayers for her fans but has not been quite active for a while.

Queen Busola Oke of the Eleyele fame is a Singer and Songwriter who swings into Gospel and Contemporary Classic Love Songs cum Inspirational Dance Beats. Ranked only amongst the best, Busola Oke is the daughter of Prof & Mrs Oke and she is the 4th born of the family. She started her Educational Life at the University of Lagos Staff Nursery And Primary School (UNILAG) where her father was a Lecturer; from there she went to Jss Lanranto katako Jos and later came back to Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School Sabo Yaba Lagos.

After her secondary school education, she attended Evangel Institute of Catering and Secretariat School and Later Went to another Catering School before she got an Admission into the University of Lagos.where she read mass communication. Her passion for music drove her to the U.K where she attended one of the most prestigious music schools.

She has been Crowned the Queen of Indigenous Nigerian Music, a title she rightly deserves having created her own style of music called Inspirational Classics, which suavely absorbs exotic/traditional beats, this adorable wonder on the mic is on top of her game.

African Music Artist Busola Oke

SB live is a Lagos based band owned by Seun Bankole. His is a story of Grass to Grace as he is from Mushin a well known community in Lagos. He has slowly become the first choice when it comes to Music Meal at events. He is a talented Keyboardist and Afro pop artisan. Not only has he graced traditional parties, corporate events organized by big brands like Cocacola, Guiness, Mouka Foam, UBA have had their events graced by him. He performed at KOFs in July 2018, he brought his brand to Maryland from lagos to sway the people of their feet while filling their stomach with delicacies from the Kofs Menu.

He has a song titled Gbemileke with 9ice.

Omobalogun Entertainment is a musician and band agent that provides band services for KOFs. their facebook page is filled with wishings to the people they admire and KOFs food packages. The gallery is filled with beautiful videos of their performances at KOFs over the years as they have single handedly Sponsored performances a lot of times from Good friday Faaji, Miliki Night, Ekimoguns celebration, Thanks giving and turkey night with Solek and left customers satisfied with their exotic entertainment style all the time.

African Music Performance at Kofs
Good Friday Faaji with FIDO
African Music; Thanksgiving and Turkey Night
Thanksgiving and TurkeyNight

African Music In Five (5) Beautiful Forms.


African music is a traditional means of appreciation that has been passed on from one generation to another over time has some key features in it that should never be lost; the food, the dressing and most importantly the Music. Music is an important form of communication, Culture preservation and a good way to unwind. Nigerian Parties are the hub of unwinding, good vibes, fun and this is largely due to the presence of good music in every gathering. Most of these parties are graced by Live African music performed by bands.

KOFs has brought the Nigerian feel to Bowie in a bid to satisfy her customers, she has live music bands performing all genres of music like Gbedu, High life, Tungba (Solek), Akpala, Afrobeats, Juju, Gospel Tungba, Classical Music (Gbemiga) to Customers so they can sway their bodies to it while being hit by nostalgia and reminded of home. A gathering of Africans is never truly complete without any form of African Music.

An Illustration of Black People dancing to African Music

African Music style known as Gbedu is one of the major Yoruba drums. Over time the word has been transformed to mean ‘Party’, it was initially a Royal drum that could only be used by the King and only the King could dance to, it was a taboo for anyone else to use this drum. As music revolutionized Artists like Fela Kuti included Gbedu into his instrument, Kola Ogunkoya described his music style as Afro-gbedu, Dele Sosimi started a group called Gbedu resurrection and these further strengthened the importance of gbedu in Nigerian music.

This African music style is roughly translated to a traditional hip hop one, the beats are fast and the people move their bodies in a frenzy to match it, it gives a party vibe that is best paired with delicious party food like Jollof rice or pounded yam with egusi and paim wine.

African Music by Haruno Ishola.

Fuji music sprung from the improvisation of Were music tradition, it is performed by Wake muslims at dawn before Ramadan period. The word Fuji can be used to refer to someone as being sociable. The name supposedly came to Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister ;the man who made this genre popular when he saw a poster about Mount Fuji at the airport. Different talented Fuji Artists have graced the KOF stage, the likes of Alhaji Isiaka, Mike Ishola, Solek . they have swayed the customers off their feet to enjoy the beauty of the music genre that is Fuji.

Over time musical geniuses have dabbled with the genre and created beautiful sounds with it, the likes of Wasiu Ayinde Marshall created the Talazo fuji , Alhaji Kollington Ayinla . These are the names at the forefront of any Fuji discussion as they successfully took this genre out of Nigeria and established it in places like UK. Muslims have a preference for this African music genre however.

African Highlife Music is also referred to as Palm wine music. its origin is traced to Ghana in the late 19th century but it was widely accepted by Igbo people before the second World War thereby making it an official African music type. it is a modified Akan beat with western approach.

Igbo people have adopted their own high life genre by mixing it up with traditional Igbo music which is known as the Igbo Highlife. they have used it to discuss and raise awareness for important Political and traditional issues over the years. while there is a wide array of Highlife music artists there is no specific King of high life music in Nigerian music scene.

African Music: We can't get enough of Music - Motivation Africa
African Music Stage Performance.

Apala music was created by Nigerians during their days as a colony under the British empire. This African music sound was influenced by Cuban music and this made is get a little complex, Some people have argued that the genre was created by muslims. the name Haruno Ishola is at the forefront of this music genre, he built and consolidated his empire on Apala since 1955, him and Ayinla Omowura are the two notable names that the genre thrived in their shoulders.

African Music Style popularly referred to as Afrobeats is what was created when Fuji and high life come together with American Funk and Jazz influence. Its origin can also be traced to Ghana. Artists like Fela Kuti dived into it and influenced the sound to an extent. Well known Genres like Pon pon, Azonto and Banku Music fall under it. Artists like Dbanj ,Wizkid ,Burna Boy, Naeto C, P square, Flavour, MI Abaga, Fuse ODG have spread the influence of the genre in their respective locations from the US, Ghana and UK and era unlike other African music sounds that had not gotten that much recognition this period.

African Music Traditional Band Performance
Local Performers using their Drums to create beautiful African Musical Sounds

Juju Music is a body movement music as the name is roughly translated as ” to throw or throw something”, it is a body throwing genre as opposed to the thought that it translates to the Traditional Religion which uses charms. It was started by a Muslim Yoruba. King Sunny Ade, Ebenezar Obey, Fatai Rolling Dollar the name that embodies juju music in Nigeria. Performers of this music are always sprayed with money by the audience members, Ibadan is the most prominent center of Juju performance. it is a celebratory African music genre, so bands mostly perform it a weddings, naming ceremonies, house warming, funerals and every party function one might think of.

Solek is not just a wonder boy, he is also an amazing Juju music artist that has performed to the crowd at various events held at KOF.

Gospel Tungba is gospel music but with a party twist. This genre makes use of juju beats to sing gospel songs. It is widely accepted by Christians who want to hold celebratory parties but do not want to use Circular music. The pioneer name known with this is Yinka Ayefele , his miraculous accident survival motivated his diving into it and so far he has amassed a lot of success and publicity for this genre. It could be said this type of African music was created in Nigeria but due to the high percentage of Christians it has traveled globally.

The talented Tosin Adu and Onyeka Owenu have stirred souls and bodies simultaneously to this beautiful African music sound during their performances at Kofs

These African music genres are all equally represented at Kofs on a daily and at every event held at the Cafe. In the spirit of upholding tradition and understanding that one isn’t complete without the other as they both intertwine, Kofs Sports Cafe is invested in ensure that your stomach is not the only thing filled when you visit but your spirit is too.

IndoBaba Sensational Live In Concert Two (2)

IndoBaba an Award winning America based Afrobeat Artist who took a break from music after a while to go into real estate returned to his firstlove and passion. He is popularly known as King Jollof ; how he came about this alias is very vague and no one knows of it but he as embodied it well, maybe it is because he does not disappoint with delivering hits like Jollof.


He has a lot of his music up Online on different streaming platforms, from Naijaloaded to Spotify, Boomplay and many more.

 He had his IndoBaba Live in Concert 2 at KOF sports cafe in December 2019. The Event was hosted by the amazing comedian, Master of ceremony HollySwag. HollySwag is a internet sensation and skitmaker with lots of his works circulating the net on his facebook, Comedymeal pages to mention a few.

IndoBaba Live in Concert 2
Hollyswag Hosting IndoBaba live in concert 2

He is the CEO of Nigosprint a customizing brand that works on fabrics and printing.

This new song produced by FMAJOR is entitled ‘Sho Le’. He is active on Social Media Platforms like Instagram where he promotes his music and stays connected to his fans. 

Prince Mike Ishola at Bayo Arowalaju and Kemi’s Glamorous birthday Party on March 29th, 2019

Birthdays are special moments and a symbol of the celebrant’s existence. Bayo Arowolaju II and Kemi celebrated their birthday in style at KOf Sports Cafe, Bowie on March 29th, 2019. Prince Mike Ishola made the two celebrants feel special and happy with his African Juju beat. It was not a surprise, that friends and family turned up in their number to show love to the celebrants.

Prince Mike Ishola
Prince Mike Ishola Performing at Another Of His Events at KOF

The party was full of life as guests were served various African delicacies, they danced as they listened to Prince Mike Ishola’s Music.

Another major highlight of the day was the light performance of the Next Level Band. The band came up some minutes after Prince Mike Ishola’s performance. The Next level band is a group of young vocalists gifted at entertaining guests. The band’s thrilling music also swayed guests off their feet.

The party was powered by Dayo Agboola Radio, M&G Music Production, Showtyme global & Vicky Films, Wale Promotion and Drums plus LLC. It was sponsored by OVS production.

Seun Bankole’s Sparkling Stage Invasion On August 8th, 2018.

The multi talented Music Artist, Seun Bankole and his live band geared up the stage with their vibrant voices creating an enjoyable vibes among the guests and customers of the restaurants enjoyed their delicious meals alongside the popular Nigerian hip hop and circular songs that are remixed in the unbeatable Owanbe style of music from the artiste after a long day at work.

Seun Bankole
SB live is a Lagos based band owned by Seun Bankole. His is a story of Grass to Grace as he is from Mushin a well known community in Lagos. He has slowly become the first choice when it comes to Music Meal at events. He is a talented Keyboardist and Afro pop artisan. Not only has he graced traditional parties, corporate events organized by big brands like Cocacola, Guiness, Mouka Foam, UBA have had their events graced by him. He performed at KOFs in July 2018, he brought his brand to Maryland from lagos to sway the people of their feet while filling their stomach with delicacies from the Kofs Menu.
He has a song titled Gbemileke with 9ice. The performance was powered by Michael Akingbade.