Food Pick Up : Seven (7) Effective Tips On How To.


Picking up your food should be a very easy activity but not knowing what to do and how to get it done would make it a tad bit difficult, we have listed seven helpful steps that would relieve you of the stress.

  • Step 1 – Click
  • Click on “Pick up” – the blue box on the right. Choose “ASAP” or “Later”. If later, choose your preferred date and time.
  • Now you have an empty shopping bag and a drop down of various food images – Appetizers, Entrees, Sides, Beverages. Click on the picture of your choice food.
  • Scroll through, you can make choices on: How you would like the food such as how many portions, choice of protein.
  • You can drop special instructions if you want your meal in a certain way that was not listed; for example, you want your grilled fish very dry, you want the pepper soup a little hotter, you want the meat diced in smaller pieces.
  • Click on the blue icon Add to order.
  • Repeat the process for every other food or drink you want.

  • Click on the blue Update Icon.
  • Click on the blue Checkout Icon to proceed.
  • Enter your name, email and phone number.
  • Tick the Send me text updates about my order[?] box if you want to receive updates concerning your order.
  • Enter your card details and other necessary information then click on the blue icon tagged Submit Order.


  • Select Cash beside Credit and click on the blue icon tagged Submit Order.
  • You will receive an email notification shortly.
  • Thank you.
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