Event Recipe: Taste Funny Jokes.

Events have taken a new turn in this century but some local event types stay forever relevant and green, especially ones like Stand up comedy. Stand up comedy is a personal monologue type of joke telling which comedians have adapted to in order to perform to their supporters on a personal note. The comedian goes on stage and tells a series of scripted and rehearsed jokes to his target audience in order to make them laugh.

The humor type in Stand up comedy varies but there is no restriction to where it can be performed, from Restaurants, Bars, corporate event, Parties it is versatile like African cuisine. Humor ranges from  observational comedyblue comedydark comedyclean comedy, and cringe comedyAlternative stand-up comedy Comedians improvise while performing by either engaging the crowd or doing silly things to regain the interest/ attention of the audience members if by chance they had lost it by telling jokes the audience did not consider too funny.

The use of props as in Magic shows to pass the joke across is not prohibited however most comedians hardly use it. Comedians that dabble into this type of comedy are referred to as Stand-up Comedians, this is because they stand at the microphone the whole period their event is on.

Laughter is good for the soul, it gives as much to the soul as food gives to the body which is why a meal is not complete without a heartfelt laughing spree. KOFS understands and recorgnizes this important fact this is why they organize comic shows for the pleasure of the Customers.

Stand up Comic Shows like the Halloween themed “Jokes on me” which was headlined by Cee Y, a Lagos State University Thespian Alumni who started his Career in Comedy while in School. His full name is Kingsley Oba Ngus, his brand is a sophisticated one as he pull off funny sayings effortlessly and without the use of offensive or vulgar language. His comic theme revolves around school experiences and various Ethnic groups.

His life story is a typical grass to grace one as he initially found it difficult to make waves as a comedia, his interest was initially treated as a joke and money was not making it way into his pocket due to the Nigerian love for free performance for publicity. he was said to have taken on some minor movie roles too but that did not really change the story. He is a hardworking, reserved and focused man. Role model wise he has chosen the likes of Annoitned Mallam, Steve Harvey ,Ali Baba.

The show was filled with happy faces, filled stomach has he left the event elated and anticipating his next show which is scheduled for boxing day, alongside Mamaafricaana otherwise known as ANNA MWALAGHO. The music was handled by the awesome Dj X-one who did not disappoint with his creativity and music selection.

The success of this event motivated him to bring a second part of the event to KOF along side Musical Genius Issac Gerald in Febuary, contrary to the first thought that it would be a one time performance it has slowly steeped its way into being an event that holds every Last Thursday of the Month.

He is available for collaborations and bookings on his Facebook page which is filled with different and refreshing skits. His Instagram Profile contains pictures of his shows, pictures and videos which shown how much he has grown and his spirit of gratitude to God.

Here is an extract of the rib cracking performance . Tickets to his show and other comic events held at KOF can be purchased on Eventbrite page.

Jokes on Me Event ; Top Comedian Cee y performing to the audience

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