Drummers Outcry With The Sensational Ayanfemi On 1st, December.

Drummers are very important in the Yoruba Culture as some things are better said in Sounds and no one conveys sounds like they do.

The bata drum to gongon drum to modern day drums seen everywhere a lot as happened to revolutionize the face to drums but one thing has stayed certain over time, nothing produces beats like drums.

The performance of the king of drummers, Ayanfemi Ayantunde popularly known as Baba Samba live at the Kof sports cafe on the 1st of December, 2019 was a prominent marker of the Pan-Yoruba culture, good vibes.

Baba Samba the Drummer

The non stop Tungba as various talking drums were played in harmony bring about a amplified, thrilling and entertaining melody, such that, the guests could not help but stand on their feet and watch in awe as the living legend performed. It was obvious that a lover of Oduduwa had succeded in making him talk to the people.

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