Dancing With The Stars; The Beautiful Invasion.

Stars traveled from the sky to dine at KOF one fine day and brightened up the atmosphere as their presence brought fun, glee and dances at its peak. The people who were around to witness the presence of the Stars left in awe and were convinced again that KOF offers nothing less than the best.

KOFs Sports Cafe beings entertainment and networking to everyone that walks into the atmosphere, they also have dealings with no one but the best of the best to ensure that the quality of services provided to Customers is forever Topnotch.

Entertainers from all spheres walk into the Cafe to fill their stomach after a long day, hold their events whenever they have Cravings with needs to satisfy. People from the Movie making industry i.e Nollywood that have had Satisfactory meals at KOFs during their visit which has made them into lovers of the African food cuisine the restaurant has to offer include:

dancing with the starts
Official graphic for the Dancing with the stars event

Wale Adebayo the legendary Sango Artist who since debute as the god of thunder on our screens has been a revered household name. this might have affected his career to an extent because it would be impossible to see him any other movie and not view and regard him as a god. He attended  Satellite Secondary School, Satellite Town, Lagos. He currently resides in the United States but has not featured in any major movie for a while, he is working on getting better at his craft. He attended Dancing with the stars event held at KOF.

Toyin Adewale is a talented, beautiful prominent Nigerian Actress that has graced our screens in different movies over time. She is currently in her early Fifties. She is the mother of the Nigerian Celebrity Singer Mayorkun who is signed to Davido’s 30BG. She was the special guest at the Dancing with the Stars event where she shone with her humility and jovial attitude. Her movies portfolio includes ; Afesona, Ejika, Femi Oko Mummy among others.

Dancing with the Stars Special Guest; Toyin Adewale

Regina Chukwu a talented actress and producer from Enugu. She attended Alimosho Grammar school in Lagos for her secondary education and studied Business Administration at the Lagos State Polytechnic. She started out as a makeup artist before getting roles in sitcoms like Super story, Face to Face, Family Ties and moving big into the movie scene with movies like Ebubu, Ile Afoju and many more in her vast portfolio. She lost her husband about 13 years ago and has been taking care of their Two children by herself. She attended Dancing with the Stars Event.

Dancing with the Stars Guest: Regina Chukwu

The Beautiful, Reserved , Talented Award winning Actress Doris Simeon has graced our screen in different prodictions including Eti Keta, Oloju Ede, Alakada, Ten Million Naira, Abani Kedun, Iseju Marun, Omo Iya Kan, Ghetto Dreams, Silence, Gucci Girls, Alakada, Omo Pupa, Asiri and Modupe Temi over the years.

She was born in Ojota, Lagos. She has a degree in Production management which she acquired from PEFTI institute where she furthered her education. she has a son named Daniel whom she had with her Ex-Husband a Director whom she met on set. Her parents died within a year interval to each other. She was at the Dancing with the Stars event.

She is one of the most influential Nollywood Actresses as her networth is over half a million dollars. She resides in US after relocating from Nigeria in 2019.Her instagram page is filled with pictures of her, her crochet designs and she uses the platform to connect to her fans.

Dancing with the stars guest
Doris Simeon.
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