Exciting African Music Sensation At Kofs Celebrations.

Music Promoters have earned the job of creating awareness for events, artists within their reach. They are sometimes responsible for putting Artists up for performances which are targeted at helping their career grow, every successful Artist owes a chunck of their growth and success to the selflessness of the promoter in their circle.

They are responsible for bookings, conforming venues for events, shows, Radio interviews. He negotiates fees to ensure it more than enough for hotel, transport, feeding, team members ( drummers, band members and the likes) in order to avoid every form of inconvenience.

The Difference Between A Concert Promoter And An Event Organizer | The  Kosher Metal Blog
Live Music Picture.

The backstage people who are the backbone for every event in any organization including the smooth running is a promoter, they are not really appreciated or recognized because they stay away from the spotlight. KOFs however recognizes them, celebrates and seals friendship by having fun business dealings with them.

Sammek Entertainment is a music production Studio with .Events graphics and publicity is always posted on their Instagram page. Their facebook page is being used for bookings, behind the scenes of their music productions and Shout outs/ appreciation posts for their customers and business partners. the studio is located at Laurel, Maryland.

They have brought different Music performers to Kofs over time to create a jolly atmosphere for customers. Performers like Queen Bisola who specializes in Classical, traditional,love music. Some of her songs are Alabarin, Eleyele which are up for streaming on Youtube. She had a 7pm till 12am power packed event on the 12th of October 2018. Her facebook page is filled with prayers for her fans but has not been quite active for a while.

Queen Busola Oke of the Eleyele fame is a Singer and Songwriter who swings into Gospel and Contemporary Classic Love Songs cum Inspirational Dance Beats. Ranked only amongst the best, Busola Oke is the daughter of Prof & Mrs Oke and she is the 4th born of the family. She started her Educational Life at the University of Lagos Staff Nursery And Primary School (UNILAG) where her father was a Lecturer; from there she went to Jss Lanranto katako Jos and later came back to Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School Sabo Yaba Lagos.

After her secondary school education, she attended Evangel Institute of Catering and Secretariat School and Later Went to another Catering School before she got an Admission into the University of Lagos.where she read mass communication. Her passion for music drove her to the U.K where she attended one of the most prestigious music schools.

She has been Crowned the Queen of Indigenous Nigerian Music, a title she rightly deserves having created her own style of music called Inspirational Classics, which suavely absorbs exotic/traditional beats, this adorable wonder on the mic is on top of her game.

African Music Artist Busola Oke

SB live is a Lagos based band owned by Seun Bankole. His is a story of Grass to Grace as he is from Mushin a well known community in Lagos. He has slowly become the first choice when it comes to Music Meal at events. He is a talented Keyboardist and Afro pop artisan. Not only has he graced traditional parties, corporate events organized by big brands like Cocacola, Guiness, Mouka Foam, UBA have had their events graced by him. He performed at KOFs in July 2018, he brought his brand to Maryland from lagos to sway the people of their feet while filling their stomach with delicacies from the Kofs Menu.

He has a song titled Gbemileke with 9ice.

Omobalogun Entertainment is a musician and band agent that provides band services for KOFs. their facebook page is filled with wishings to the people they admire and KOFs food packages. The gallery is filled with beautiful videos of their performances at KOFs over the years as they have single handedly Sponsored performances a lot of times from Good friday Faaji, Miliki Night, Ekimoguns celebration, Thanks giving and turkey night with Solek and left customers satisfied with their exotic entertainment style all the time.

African Music Performance at Kofs
Good Friday Faaji with FIDO
African Music; Thanksgiving and Turkey Night
Thanksgiving and TurkeyNight
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