African Music In Five (5) Beautiful Forms.


African music is a traditional means of appreciation that has been passed on from one generation to another over time has some key features in it that should never be lost; the food, the dressing and most importantly the Music. Music is an important form of communication, Culture preservation and a good way to unwind. Nigerian Parties are the hub of unwinding, good vibes, fun and this is largely due to the presence of good music in every gathering. Most of these parties are graced by Live African music performed by bands.

KOFs has brought the Nigerian feel to Bowie in a bid to satisfy her customers, she has live music bands performing all genres of music like Gbedu, High life, Tungba (Solek), Akpala, Afrobeats, Juju, Gospel Tungba, Classical Music (Gbemiga) to Customers so they can sway their bodies to it while being hit by nostalgia and reminded of home. A gathering of Africans is never truly complete without any form of African Music.

An Illustration of Black People dancing to African Music

African Music style known as Gbedu is one of the major Yoruba drums. Over time the word has been transformed to mean ‘Party’, it was initially a Royal drum that could only be used by the King and only the King could dance to, it was a taboo for anyone else to use this drum. As music revolutionized Artists like Fela Kuti included Gbedu into his instrument, Kola Ogunkoya described his music style as Afro-gbedu, Dele Sosimi started a group called Gbedu resurrection and these further strengthened the importance of gbedu in Nigerian music.

This African music style is roughly translated to a traditional hip hop one, the beats are fast and the people move their bodies in a frenzy to match it, it gives a party vibe that is best paired with delicious party food like Jollof rice or pounded yam with egusi and paim wine.

African Music by Haruno Ishola.

Fuji music sprung from the improvisation of Were music tradition, it is performed by Wake muslims at dawn before Ramadan period. The word Fuji can be used to refer to someone as being sociable. The name supposedly came to Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister ;the man who made this genre popular when he saw a poster about Mount Fuji at the airport. Different talented Fuji Artists have graced the KOF stage, the likes of Alhaji Isiaka, Mike Ishola, Solek . they have swayed the customers off their feet to enjoy the beauty of the music genre that is Fuji.

Over time musical geniuses have dabbled with the genre and created beautiful sounds with it, the likes of Wasiu Ayinde Marshall created the Talazo fuji , Alhaji Kollington Ayinla . These are the names at the forefront of any Fuji discussion as they successfully took this genre out of Nigeria and established it in places like UK. Muslims have a preference for this African music genre however.

African Highlife Music is also referred to as Palm wine music. its origin is traced to Ghana in the late 19th century but it was widely accepted by Igbo people before the second World War thereby making it an official African music type. it is a modified Akan beat with western approach.

Igbo people have adopted their own high life genre by mixing it up with traditional Igbo music which is known as the Igbo Highlife. they have used it to discuss and raise awareness for important Political and traditional issues over the years. while there is a wide array of Highlife music artists there is no specific King of high life music in Nigerian music scene.

African Music: We can't get enough of Music - Motivation Africa
African Music Stage Performance.

Apala music was created by Nigerians during their days as a colony under the British empire. This African music sound was influenced by Cuban music and this made is get a little complex, Some people have argued that the genre was created by muslims. the name Haruno Ishola is at the forefront of this music genre, he built and consolidated his empire on Apala since 1955, him and Ayinla Omowura are the two notable names that the genre thrived in their shoulders.

African Music Style popularly referred to as Afrobeats is what was created when Fuji and high life come together with American Funk and Jazz influence. Its origin can also be traced to Ghana. Artists like Fela Kuti dived into it and influenced the sound to an extent. Well known Genres like Pon pon, Azonto and Banku Music fall under it. Artists like Dbanj ,Wizkid ,Burna Boy, Naeto C, P square, Flavour, MI Abaga, Fuse ODG have spread the influence of the genre in their respective locations from the US, Ghana and UK and era unlike other African music sounds that had not gotten that much recognition this period.

African Music Traditional Band Performance
Local Performers using their Drums to create beautiful African Musical Sounds

Juju Music is a body movement music as the name is roughly translated as ” to throw or throw something”, it is a body throwing genre as opposed to the thought that it translates to the Traditional Religion which uses charms. It was started by a Muslim Yoruba. King Sunny Ade, Ebenezar Obey, Fatai Rolling Dollar the name that embodies juju music in Nigeria. Performers of this music are always sprayed with money by the audience members, Ibadan is the most prominent center of Juju performance. it is a celebratory African music genre, so bands mostly perform it a weddings, naming ceremonies, house warming, funerals and every party function one might think of.

Solek is not just a wonder boy, he is also an amazing Juju music artist that has performed to the crowd at various events held at KOF.

Gospel Tungba is gospel music but with a party twist. This genre makes use of juju beats to sing gospel songs. It is widely accepted by Christians who want to hold celebratory parties but do not want to use Circular music. The pioneer name known with this is Yinka Ayefele , his miraculous accident survival motivated his diving into it and so far he has amassed a lot of success and publicity for this genre. It could be said this type of African music was created in Nigeria but due to the high percentage of Christians it has traveled globally.

The talented Tosin Adu and Onyeka Owenu have stirred souls and bodies simultaneously to this beautiful African music sound during their performances at Kofs

These African music genres are all equally represented at Kofs on a daily and at every event held at the Cafe. In the spirit of upholding tradition and understanding that one isn’t complete without the other as they both intertwine, Kofs Sports Cafe is invested in ensure that your stomach is not the only thing filled when you visit but your spirit is too.

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