The Ninth Month of every year which is also known as September is the National Yam Appreciation Month.

 There are two different types of Yam which are popular to Africans , The water yam otherwise referred to as Ewura by the Yoruba people and the White Yam which is said to be sweeter. 

Yam can be cooked in different ways depending on the type of yam being used

white yam is better suited for making pounded yam, eaten as sliced yam paired with eggs or any type of stew, yam fries paired with grilled fish, yam porridge, yam sauce or roased over fire to make roasted yam

Yellow yam is used to make Ikokore an indigenous ijebu dish of grated and well garnished yam.

Yam is also cut, dried and grounded into paste known as Elubo (yam flour) which is used to make Amala

Yam supplies 118 calories per 100 grams. Yam generally has a lower glycemic index, about 54% of glucose per 150 gram serving, compared to potato products. Raw yam has the highest potassium level among all food classes.

Kof sells Amala, Pounded Yam and Asaro (Porridge) which are all yam dishes.