The Thanksgiving and Turkey Celebratory Night .

Residents of Maryland turned out in mass on the 28th of November to bask in the celebratory feeling and sense of oneness that covered the customers who were available and really excited to attend the Thanksgiving and Turkey Night Event hosted at Kof Sports Cafe.

They celebrated in joy and were entertained by the talented Mr Solek, the Wonder Boy , who has held down a lot of events at Kof Sports Cafe prior to his performance at Thanksgiving and Turkey Night Event.

The Event was held down by Omobalogun Entertainment   in collaboration with other major promoters and show organizers.

thanksgiving and turkey night
Thanksgiving and Turkey Night with Solek

This included the likes of Hurpsy Imagery Studio, Rajsam Promotion, Sammek Entertainment, Bayo Agoola Radio, Vicky Films Production and Promotion, Executive Production, Ekokashogie Promotion, and Gbadejakie Entertainment. They all puled their forces and resources together to ensure the success of the Thanksgiving and Turkey Night Event.

The event was graced by a good number of aficionados of quality Tungba-Gbedu music, and lovers of good food. It eventually came to an end around 2pm, on a good note after guests had rocked their body to great music and their stomach to super delicious African meals.

Here is an extract from Solek’s groundbreaking performance at Thanksgiving and Turkey Night Event.

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