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Eventbrite was built to function on the impact on events the country’s global image, Nigeria’s event and entertainment sector have become a very relevant piece of the country’s puzzle. Entertainment is today one of Nigeria’s main expressions of soft power, a country’s persuasive approach to international relations through its economic, cultural, and media influence in order to gain positive attraction.

The African love for culture is completely portrayed at events that take place at Kof Sports cafe. African parties, afro beats, the numerous creative dance moves, the wild tapping of feet, the movement of the body to musical rhythm, the delicious Yoruba food all make up the Nigerian secret of the KOF experience. KOF has made it easy to addent her events by purchasing tickets on eventbrite.

Lagos is Africa’s true megacity; its energy, its vibrant lifestyle, and its high concentration of unique artistic talent has become increasingly influential abroad. Yearly, there is a major influx of the best of Nigerian and African entertainers having MD in a wild roar of celebration.

The best of African entertainment happens at Kof Sports cafe 4869 Glenn Dale Road, Bowie MD 20720

All events are listed on our platform.

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