Family Meal Combo Package


The family meal package is a combo of different meals but as one. it is very efficient and fast for when you want to order customized meals for a lot of people and can not endure the process of ordering one after the other.

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You get to order various meals in just one package for 25 – 30 servings for the family pack. The available options are; Full Tray of Jollof or Fried Rice or half tray of each. Half tray of Fish or Chicken or Assorted Meat and half tray of Efo Riro or Egusi.

Additional information

Choice of Rice

Full Tray of Jollof Rice, Full Tray of Fried Rice, Half Tray of Jollof Rice and Fried Rice

Choice of Protein

Half Tray of Fish, Half Tray of Chicken, Half Tray of Assorted, Half Tray of Beef

Choice of Soup/ Dish Accessory

Half Tray of Egusi, Half Tray of Efo Riro, 20 pieces of Moi Moi