Eventbrite The Swift Successful Party Agenda.

Eventbrite was built to function on the impact on events the country’s global image, Nigeria’s event and entertainment sector have become a very relevant piece of the country’s puzzle. Entertainment is today one of Nigeria’s main expressions of soft power, a country’s persuasive approach to international relations through its economic, cultural, and media influence inContinue reading “Eventbrite The Swift Successful Party Agenda.”

What happened at Ekimogun celebration 2019

The Ekimogun festival is a yearly event celebrated by the Ondo state people of Western Nigeria. Ondo State was created on February 3, 1976, from the former Western State. The state has 18 local government areas with Akure as it’s capital. Ondo state includes a mangrove-swamp forest near the Bight of Benin and tropical rain forestContinue reading “What happened at Ekimogun celebration 2019”

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